Your Objects

What do you need to get rid of ?

A large number of various items fill up a house: furniture, dishware, clothing, plants, pictures, frames, trinkets, bicycles, tools, leftovers of tiling , paint pots, sanitary products, food, … Each type requires a different kind of care and Respectea puts RESPECT back at the heart of the job.

“Every item is precious to the person who owns it.”

Over time, we surround ourselves with useful or decorative items and they play an important role in our lives. An inheritance or departure to a nursing home must therefore be done with proper respect of these items that have shared our daily lives. Respectea will empty your house in this state of mind of respect for objects and people to whom these objects have belonged.

With an inheritance, the heirs have to deal with an emotional strain which oftens paralises any kind of progress. By trusting us with your home, you will be able to properly manage the items you want to keep, the ones that have a market value and the residual items that have no market value.