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What do we offer ?

Respectea offers a home clear-out service that operates in Brussels and throughout Belgium. We will help you to empty a house, an apartment or any property after in case of inheritance after the passing of a relative, or simply to empty a room of the house, such as an attic, a garage or a cellar.

We can move out and compensate you for all your valuables such as furniture, paintings, sculptures but also all small everyday items without great market value and that you may have kept, with the idea that you would use them again one day.

In order to do this, we will go to the property that needs a clear-out and give you a free quote, no strings attached.

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Various items or furniture delivery

It is quite common for the heirs of an estate and their family to choose to keep some furniture or sentimental items. Indeed, when you need to empty a house, you may wish to keep some items full of memories and dear to your heart or simply items that still could be useful. These items can be heavy and bulky, difficult to transport and sometimes fragile. Respectea offers a customized delivery service for all these items that you want to keep. Your items will be packed and transported with all necessary precautions.

Storage: an alternative solution

An inheritance or departure to a nursing home is an opportunity to sort out unwanted items or empty the house completely in order to sell or rent it out. But it is sometimes difficult to part from the belongings of the person you have loved and it can also be practical to keep some of them. With this in mind, Respectea offers a storage service for furniture and items that can still be used or which are emotionally important. A one-off storage formula or based on m² will be presented to you.