Who are we ?

Respectea allows you to manage your estate in a gentle way by offering you to clear out your house combined with the further real estate management of your property. Acting as one agent, Respectea has as its fundamental mission to excell in both tasks in order to give you a solution which allows you to save time and money.

Our house clear-out crew consists of professionals who can do the job quickly and discreetly. Respect for belongings and people is at the core of our values.

Ecology is very important to us and therefore we manage our activities in an environmentally friendly way.

Our values

Respectea originated from the observation that humanity and respect for the people were lacking when a home had to be emptied. The worthless items were literally thrown through the windows to end up in a street container visible for the whole neighbourhood. The valuable items were displayed like on a public market for everybody to see.

Respecting belongings to respect people is our priority. A fair valuation and proper listening are our ways to show this respect.




Discover our services

Valuation expertise

Our expertise in antiques and rare wines allows us to offer a valuation at the right price.

Logistics expertise

Our expertise in logistics allows us to quickly and discreetly empty your property or to store a set of items for a defined period of time at your own convenience.

Real estate expertise

Our real estate expertise allows you to make the most of your property. Respectea is IPI approved.

Respectea is also about solidarity

We give a second life to items via charity institutions. Clothes are donated, beddings and household items or other everyday objects mostly find a second life with someone in need.

Respectea is eco-friendly

Some items which can’t be used any more must inevitably be thrown away and in this case we favorise recycling. Waste and valuables will be carefully sorted by our teams to respect the environment.